Unshakeable Boston Pride.

I went to Bunker Hill this morning to remind myself that we are a city steeped in a history of overcoming adversity and bloodshed. We are a city teeming with symbols of freedom, liberty and patriotism, filled with men and women who embody those principles. We may not be a big city, but the pride we have could not be bigger. Our athletes, doctors, nurses, educators and scholars are the best in the world and we lead our country by example with laws that ensure the same rights and liberties for all.

I walk around Boston today looking upon our landmarks with new eyes – The Freedom Trail, The Constitution, Paul Revere’s House, The Old North Church, the site of the Boston Massacre, Fort Independence – and I remember that every hardship, every tragedy, every attack on Boston designed to break and dishearten us has instead made us stronger and more proud.

Bunker Hill, 8am

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