Unshakeable Boston Pride.

I went to Bunker Hill this morning to remind myself that we are a city steeped in a history of overcoming adversity and bloodshed. We are a city teeming with symbols of freedom, liberty and patriotism, filled with men and women who embody those principles. We may not be a big city, but the pride we have could not be bigger. Our athletes, doctors, nurses, educators and scholars are the best in the world and we lead our country by example with laws that ensure the same rights and liberties for all.

I walk around Boston today looking upon our landmarks with new eyes – The Freedom Trail, The Constitution, Paul Revere’s House, The Old North Church, the site of the Boston Massacre, Fort Independence – and I remember that every hardship, every tragedy, every attack on Boston designed to break and dishearten us has instead made us stronger and more proud.

Bunker Hill, 8am

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From this morning…New Balance Tennis

It’s not often that I get to share images the same day I take them… in fact that almost never happens, usually I have to wait 2, 3, 6 or even 12 months, till the product is public, or the magazine is published, or the catalog comes out, etc. but by then I’ve usually forgotten about it and it’s on to the next shoot.
But today I shot some imagery for New Balance that I get to share right away…
Here’s some stuff from this morning’s shoot!

(all images are PRE-photoshop)

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Neri Oxman for ICON

Check out the April issue of ICON magazine for a piece they did on MIT professor Neri Oxman and her work in 3-d Printing and Lazer cutting and how she merges it with fashion.
I shot Neri for the cover & feature.
Below are some of the other pics from the shoot.

Neri Oxman by Conor Doherty

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Tiarna Doherty (yes, relation)

My sister (currently the head of conservation at The Smithsonian, American Art Museum) is being featured in a magazine soon. When speaking with the editors she sent along my site in case they didn’t already have someone lined up for the shoot. Luckily they didn’t so, I headed down to DC!
Here are some of the shots.
I’ll post more after the issue comes out.

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National Parks (Part 1)

Some Landscapes from Utah, Arizona and Nevada…. I love the black and white pics, but here are a couple color shots.
my travel tips:
Of the parks i’ve seen so far, Zion National Park is by far my favorite. If you get the chance to… Go. The first five black and white pics below are from Zion.
If you go to Bryce Canyon, bring your own food.
And if you make it to Page AZ, go to Blue Buddha

Conor Doherty - Horseshoe Bend Arizona
Conor Doherty - Zion National Park
Conor Doherty - Zion National Park
Conor Doherty - Zion National Park
Conor Doherty - Zion National Park
Conor Doherty - Zion National Park
Conor Doherty - Valley of Fire
Conor Doherty - Valley of Fire
Conor Doherty - Antelope Canyon
Conor Doherty - Antelope Canyon
Conor Doherty - Antelope Canyon
Conor Doherty - Bryce Canyon National Park

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Santa Monica Sunset

I was in Santa Monica visiting my sister when they were having some unusually cold and wet weather… it made for a pretty sunet on Santa Monica pier. as a raincloud lifted a small group of people gathered on the end of the pier and sent off some yellow and purple balloons.

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Drink Black Water Interview

I was flattered to be interviewed for DrinkBlackWater’s “People you should know.”
Read the full Interview

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NYC Blackout

I was in Boston when hurricane Sandy hit, but while the power was still out in lower Manhattan and LaGuardia was still underwater, I got a shoot I had to get to New York for. I arrived Friday and with some free time on my hands decided to wander the streets south of Flat Iron to see first hand what it’s like to walk around Manhattan in darkness.
It was surreal.

A fire truck crosses in front of the Flat Iron building as darkness descends on Lower Manhattan

a single street vendor open for business

The only business open for blocks. lit by candlelight.

An NYC Police officer stops cars while pedestrian cross.

distant headlights create an eerie scene.

Don’t know if it was the proximity to halloween, but buildings that never bothered me before looked spooky and haunted.

One person manages to keep the lights on in Lower Manhattan.

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Saratoga Racetrack Part 2

Over the summer i posted one image from a pit stop I made at Saratoga Racetrack. I had some down time last week to start going through some of my non-work photos. The track opened in 1863, it’s the oldest venue for organized sporting of any kind in the US.
Here are some of my favorite shots….

pre-dawn this guy got away from his handler and was running all over the grounds for about 10 minutes before they were able to catch him. it was really dark so you’d hear him coming before you saw him… a bit fightening, but then amazing to see him gallop by in blue moonlight that was shining through here and there:

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The Candidate

Over the summer I was asked by a LGBT publication (The Edge) to shoot a fashion editorial for their October issue. They gave me full creative control to produce whatever I wanted for a menswear fall fashion editorial.

At the time I had been looking at some current and past behind-the-scenes imagery from presidential campaigns and had noticed some repeat classics: the wife fixing her husbands tie before his big speech…. the couple looking exhausted and weary from travel and the hectic schedule… the hotel shot, where they are watching the latest political TV coverage… the candidate looking out a window pensively, the spouse nearby looking more relaxed and supportive… So I thought, since it’s an election year, since the issue would hit in October a month before we vote, why not showcase the fall fashion by recreating some of this imagery, but showing what it might look like when it’s a same sex couple that’s on the road to the White House.

With a shoestring budget and during a busy month (had 26 shoots in Sept.) I roped in Lauryn Joseph of Angry Sheep to help me pull this off.

The Candidate: http://www.conordohertyphoto.com/candidate

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